Roller cabinets & Toolboxes

Full double wall, construction featuring two full layers of heavy duty, steel, providing strength and durability

Perforated side panels provide an easy place to extend for further tools and accessories

Options include a wide variety of top cabinets to increase available storage space.


FMF1RP7B – 7 Drawer Roller Cabinet

  • Size 930 x 466 x 970mm
  • Weight 70Kg
  • 5 Small Drawer 705 x 400 x 58mm
  • 1 Medium drawer 705 x 400 x 128mm
  • 1 x Large drawer 705 x 400 x 195mm


  1. Full double wall construction features two full layers of heavy duty steel to provide strength and durability.
  2. Heavy-duty galvanised steel work top on a 15mm thick wooded base. High strength and impact resistant.
  3. Drawers on telescopic full-extension ball-bearing slides open and close easier as load increases.
  4. Side perforated panels to hang tools and accessories.
  5. Centralised security locking.
  6. Self-locking drawer release preventing the drawers from sliding open accidentally.
  7. 4 x 125mm diameter wheels: 2 fixed and 2 castors (1 with brake).
Z2008 Toolbox